Brainwashing the Masses

We all know that the drug trade is unethical but I am talking about the LEGAL drug trade.

The pharmaceutical companies are trying to brainwash us. They are pharmacists, so they are aware that the media is a powerful mind changing drug.

Basically there are two types of drug that they advertise in the media:

First there is the prescription drugs. Why are they advertising these in the media?

Doctors spend a lot of years studying to be able to prescribe to us, what is needed for us to feel better. Why is it that the pharmaceutical companies think that we will know better what is good for us. In their advertisements they tell us that we should ask our doctor for this or that medicine, why?

Do they think because they are pharmacists, they know what is ailing us with out seeing us, than a doctor can after a check up? Advertising costs a lot of money and so do medicines, so why don’t the companies try to reduce the price of the medications by cutting out the advertising? Surely it must be a lot cheaper, just to keep the doctors informed of any new medications there are?

The second kind of drug that is advertised in the media are the “over the counter” ones, those that do not need a doctor’s prescription to buy. These drugs may be for a mild headache or back pain. They are though, required by law, to state in the advertisement any side effects that may be associated with these drugs. They do this in the most indiscreet way, making it sound like it is unimportant, yet usually goes something like this “May be accompanied by severe depression, violent nausea or suicidal tendencies, if you experience any of these, please see a doctor”. Excuse me, if I have committed suicide, the only doctor I will get to see is the mortician. If I get violent nausea or severe depression, I think I may have been better off with the mild headache or back pain.

Why, when the drugs are already prohibitively expensive, are the companies allowed to go on paying for expensive advertisements?

The latest campaign, includes giving out free samples of a sex enhancing drug. Who is going to pay for these free samples? Is it the little boy or girl, who are suffering painfully each day because their parents cannot afford the pain relieving drugs, no. Is it the executives that work at the advertising agencies or media houses, no. It is us. If drugs can be afforded to be given out free, then surely it should be the medical ones that can help children, not the cosmetic ones that help an adults ego.

I am not a fool, I know that advertisements help sales but these are drugs. The two ways these items should have increases in sales is either more people get sick or the prices drop. The pharmaceutical companies already know this though, that is why they inundate us with these advertisements, they know the hypnotic effect of them and they want to turn us all in to hypochondriacs. 

Here is my recommendation: The pharmaceutical companies develop a drug to that cures greed, then give them out free, to their executives and share holders.


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