Hello world!

If you were to tell a child in some of the Third World countries, that you have enough clean water that you even s**t in it, they would look at you in disbelief. Thousands of children die weekly because they do not have access to clean water, WHY?

I know, you are going to say transport is the problem: Why?

How come we have the technology to ensure several Astronauts, in the Space Station, have unlimited water for an unlimited time, yet do not have the technology to allow a child on Earth to die through lack of it?

OK, you are going to say: expense, the World is in debt.

In debt to who?

Money is only paper. It is not backed by any kind of assurance, it is only printed in order to receive interest. Bankers are trying (and succeeding) to produce wealth from nothing.

Real wealth is oil or Gold.

Now where does most of the Gold come from?

Oh yes, it comes from the same countries that the children dying of thirst come from. Isn’t it funny how there always seems to be enough water to clean off a speck of Gold, yet not enough to give a child a drop to save it’s life?

In these times when technology has advanced so far that, they say, we can look back in time through telescopes, to the origin of the Universe, that they can so easily forget the last century?

In the 20th Century, we were so proud to say that we have found the cure for Malaria, TB and other diseases, these advances should save mankind.

Why then, today, are millions of children dying of these things annually?

Is it a lack of transport? No.

Is it a lack of money? No.

It is a lack of resolve, of  the people and the Politicians.

Now, I can understand the politicians: The children are not old enough to vote, they are sick and probably won’t reach the age to vote, but what about US?

We can drink, we can eat, we can live and we can vote. Yet WE allow this situation to continue. Why?

Speak up, or forever hold your head in shame above the grave (that does not exist) for the unknown child.







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